Team Coaching


Great team coaches can create from conflict and complexity  

A team is defined as “any group of people who need each other to accomplish a result.” Team coaching starts with aligning the team members’ motivations, roles, strengths, weaknesses and working styles around a common objective. The role of an AGS team coach is twofold: firstly to create an environment of safety for all voices to be acknowledged and then to build a structure that supports alignment and commitment to a chosen course of action.

Target Audience

The ACT Compass

Echo’s team coaching provides teams with the opportunity to performing at a higher level than they currently do. Our coaches work with the Echo Coaching Compass, listening for and speaking to:

Creative and Reactive: Align around team purpose and objectives (Creative) and speaking to and creating safety for when team members avoid speaking their truth, dominate or are too critical (Reactive)

Relationship and Results: Building deeper, authentic relationships, speaking to the emotional field, or when they hear faulty reasoning or jumping to solutions.

The role of the Echo Team Coach includes:

  • Encourages a diverse set of perspectives and new ways of thinking
  • Speaks to weaknesses in thinking, uncovers biases and hidden agendas
  • Creates a safe environment and structure for authentic conversations, collaboration and creative thinking
  • Imparts expertise on structure (not content), to enable teams to become self-sufficient
  • Along with coaching, simultaneously training the team to become self-sufficient in using new structured, discovery-based techniques

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