Company-Wide Training

Metaphorically speaking

  What is a Metaphor? When people experience change, both their metaphor and their life experience generally associated with it change in tandem. “The essence of metaphor is understanding and experiencing one kind of thing in terms of another,” write Lakoff and Johnson. Whenever one thing is...

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Ditch the ppt, try telling a story

  Origins Since the dawn of human sapiens, storytelling was a natural part of leadership. It existed in every nation, each with its own traditions: The Celtic culture had its bards and Druids, the Norsemen of the Scandinavian countries told sagas, the Islamic countries listened to teaching...

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Time to ditch the plan and make it up: Improvisation

Introduction Never before have leaders had to deal with such complexity and a future that is so unpredictable. Trying to develop a strategic even for the next quarter can often seem daunting. Relying on traditional ways of thinking can only get you so far. Never before...

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