ACT Accreditation:


Coaching Training & Certification


An opportunity for managers and leaders to expand their leadership range,  building coaching skills into everyday interactions.


A blended learning pathway leading to ACC-certification with the International Coaching Federation.

Mastery & Specialty

Deepen and broaden coaching skills and experience with a range of courses lead by professional and master coaches.

Learning Goals

Primary Objective

The two primary objectives of the Leadership and Performance Coach Certification Program are:

  • Develop internal coaches capable of holding coaching relationships to the same quality as external coaches.
  • Train leaders to become more “coach-like”, applying the “Leader As Coach” mindset to their leadership style, whether it be leading change initiatives or improving employee engagement.

Secondary Objectives:

Participants will be able to:

  • Apply the skills to different work-related settings such as giving and receiving feedback and developing others.
  • Develop deeper self-awareness of their personal leadership styles through an exploration of underlying beliefs and assumptions.
  • Apply coaching skills to team development, generating improved awareness and team effectiveness through trust and safety.
  • Demonstrate coaching as a core competency that helps leaders and employees build strong relationships and facilitate change.

Program Overview

Module 1: Coaching Foundations. Module 1 explores the coaching relationship, coaching skills and mindsets, ethics, and ICF core competencies. The focus is on bringing to the student’s awareness the tendency in developmental conversations to problem solve and give advice. By the end of Module 1, students will be aware of how coaching is distinct from these conversations and become self-aware of their habitual patterns of communication.

Module 2: Reactive to Creative. Module 2 deepens the learning and application, introducing more skills and coaching concepts, such as Values, Purpose and Self-Limiting Beliefs, Perspectives and Choice. Students learn how to apply the coaching skills to these concepts, culminating in being proficient in coaching the “Reactive to Creative Journey”, a coaching roadmap that integrates all the various skills and concepts.

Module 3: Presence and Integration. Module 3 focuses on coaching when clients are experiencing emotions that are blocked. Students develop their capacity to be with client’s emotions, creating safety and spaciousness for clients to express themselves and move forward. In Module 3 we also help students to develop their coaching range, becoming more agile in applying different coaching styles, based on the client’s needs.

Delivery Style

The 3 modules are delivered in-person by two ACT trainers. There are 10 mentor-coaching calls delivered virtually as well as self-paced learning that includes reading, listening to audios and coaching demos. Application groups are formed for students to continue their learning through practice coaching. The program is delivered in English. Training location and schedule to be coordinated with the client.

There are a total of 104 hours of study. This is made of up 66 contact hours and 38 hours of asynchronous study. The 66 hours are delivered in-person by two ACT trainers. Typically this is over 9 days in total, with each of the 3 modules lasting 3 days.

Lead Instructors

Erin Hutchins: Erin, PCC, has been training students to become ACC coaches for a number of years. Previously with the Coaches Training Institute, she is a trainer for both public and corporate programs. Prior to working with CTI, she was a consultant with PricewaterhouseCoopers in Europe and the US.

Mike Hutchins: Mike, PCC, has over 1,000 hours of executive coaching experience 25 years of organizational experience. As well as 1:1 executive coaching, he also coaches leadership teams. Mike originally trained as a CPA and spent 15 years with PricewaterhouseCoopers and KPMG as a management consultant.

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