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act insight 2: Navigating Change through Coaching

ACT White Paper - Insight 2 Change ManagementCLICK HERE FOR FULL REPORT >>>ACT White Paper - Insight 2 Change Management Introduction More than 70% of change efforts fail to achieve the goals they originally set to achieve. There is much discussion as to the causes of this high rate of failure. There have been countless studies on this topic from academic institutions to management consulting firms. Most highlight the following three as the most common contributory causes: 1) employee resistance 2) weak Project Management Office and 3) too many...

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On Authenticity: Time to rip off the mask

[one_half] [bra_dropcaps style="dropcap1"]W[/bra_dropcaps]ho are you going to be today? One way leaders use a mask is to conceal perceived inadequacies and flaws to preserve the polished facade we have come to expect of “great” leaders. The other, more subtle way is to adopt a certain persona at work that the leader feels is necessary for success. Both uses undermine trust and effectiveness. They also create inner conflict, as leaders struggle to align their work and home lives. In the Phantom of the Opera,...

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Metaphorically speaking

  What is a Metaphor? When people experience change, both their metaphor and their life experience generally associated with it change in tandem. “The essence of metaphor is understanding and experiencing one kind of thing in terms of another,” write Lakoff and Johnson. Whenever one thing is described in terms of another, that’s a metaphor. This definition of metaphor includes similes, parables, analogies, parallels, literary metaphors, etc. The word ‘metaphor’ comes from the Greek ‘amphora’, a storage container used for transporting valuable goods....

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