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An effective coaching strategy is one that is designed to support the desired organizational values and culture.  ACT’s approach focuses on integration, consistency and quality of service, ensuring coaching is embedded within the organization at every level.

Target Audience

Strategy & Design

  • Coaching Needs Analysis
  • Program Design
  • Strategy Alignment


Program Management

  • Coaching Infrastructure
  • Program Management
  • Quality Assurance and ROI tracking


Training & Certification

  • Mastery and Specialty
  • ICF Certification
  • Foundation


Coaching Strategy & Design



Contextualizing coaching program design with shared vision ensures coaching conversations are focused on achieving results.

Desired Competencies

Coaching goals and objectives are designed in the context of desired culture, skills and behaviors.

Training and Development

Coaching program is run in parallel with leadership development, allowing clients opportunities to practice new skills and deepen learning.

Performance Management

Aligning coaching goals to annual performance objectives ensures focus and motivation and stakeholder feedback on client impact.

Coaching Program Management

ACT Coaching Platform

We partner with CoachLogix, providers of the most robust coaching program management platform.

We work with your organization to create an infrastructure for managing large-scale coaching engagements in one integrated, easy to use portal. Benefits include:

  • Minimizing administration time
  • Ensuring you find the right coach
  • Aligning coaching goals to business objectives and
  • Measuring coaching effectiveness


Coach Matching

  • Facilitates finding right chemistry between coach and client
  • Full bio of each coach enables filtering and selecting based on attributes such as availability, geography and experience
  • Portal is populated with trusted Echo coaches, vetted for quality


Tracking, evaluation and coaching ROI:

  • Coach and coachee co-design roadmap and track key learnings and actions
  • Each coaching session is tracked
  • Coaching effectiveness is measured and reported based on coachee’s evaluation of coach


Documentation and Reporting:

  • Straightforward reporting
  • Central repository for documentation Intake Forms, 360 Assessment results, Contracts and Development Plans
  • Billing and reporting based off detailed coaching activity reports

Coaching Training & Certification


An opportunity for managers and leaders to expand their leadership range,  building coaching skills into everyday interactions.


A blended learning pathway leading to ACC-certification with the International Coaching Federation.

Mastery & Specialty

Deepen and broaden coaching skills and experience with a range of courses lead by professional and master coaches.

Course Duration Course Content Foundation Certification Mastery & Specialty
Core Coaching Skills
Similar to "Leader as Coach", this course is designed for those seeking to incorporate coaching skills into their leadership and management style.
2 days 1. Creating Safety
2. Introduction to ACT coaching model
3. Relationship and Results
4. Creative vs. Reactive
5. Coaching skills
6. Application and accountability
ICF-ACC certification
Foundational coaching skills, aligned to International Coaching Federation (ICF) core competencies, leading to ACC certification.
9 or 12 days 1. Classroom Training: 66 hours, 3 courses, 3 days:core coaching skills
2. 1:1 coaching, mentoring, supervisions
3. Access to ACT Resource Center
4. Certification support and guidance
Coaching Master class
A "Train The Trainer" course designed for ICF-certified coaches to deepen their skills and roll-out coach training internally
3 days 1. Stage-craft
2. Leading a demo
3. The timeline
4. Reading & shifting energy
5. Supervision
Navigating Change with Coaching
Organizations embarking on large change initiatives. Leaders, Managers and Project teams responsible for translating a new strategy into reality.
2 days 1. The dynamics of change
2. The iceberg model
3. EQ
4. Team Coaching
5. Stakeholder Management
Team Coach Training
Leaders, Project teams, Functional Managers, Internal Consultants and Coaches, HR Professionals and other teams.
2 days 1. Setting team goals
2. Creating team alliance
3. Results and relationship
4. The emotional container
5. Virtual teams
Relationship Coaching
Organizations where the culture does not support difficult, authentic conversations. Behaviors may include avoidance and gossip. Applies to all levels.
2 days 1. Creating safety and designing the relationship
2. Listening: Empathy and paraphrasing
3. Role vs. Person
4. Building alignment: "Yes and"
5. Trustworthiness
6. Feedback and difficult conversations

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Designing, managing and debriefing individual 360 assessments, conducting interviews and customizing performance reviews.